• Job:     Transfer  (feature)      Director: Damir Lukacevic
  • DI Colorist: Kevin Shaw         Grading System:  Nucoda Film Master

  • Prod Co: Schiwago Film         Facility: Elektrofilm, Berlin
  • DP: Francisco Dominguez     Original:  Red Camera
  • Producer: Marcos Kantis        Date:     Aug 2009


This scene shows the couple as themselves and is a night scene. The original shows that it was lit blue for night, but my concept was to keep blue as a sign their minds were replaced. So my grade is much warmer and generally happier than shot. The narrative and edit make it clear it is night time, so it is more important that the audience understand which mind is present. The actors did a fantastic job of switching characters but the grade plays an important role in preventing any confusion in the audience.